Die Niederlaender - Sold

Item ID: WQ-10723
Style: Arts & crafts
Theme: Forest/trees, Views/landscape
Color: Blue, Brown, Green, Yellow
Type: Panel
Mnfr: Schmitz-Horning Co., Cleveland, OH
Dimensions: 60"w x 40"h



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Panel B of the two-part scenic mural Die Niederlaender (The Dutch), intaglio printed circa 1910 to 1920 by The Schmitz-Horning Company of Cleveland, Ohio under the brand name San-Kro-Mura.

 This exceptionally large remnant features a stylized Dutch landscape with windmills, waterway, and a distant village viewed through trees in the foreground. This example is printed in the 410 Natural colorway in using engraved plates and oil-based inks in soft pastel tones. (Marked: The Schmitz-Horning Co., Die Niederlaender, Kro-Mura, 410-B)

While it is unfortunate that we have only one panel of the pair, this would make a stunning and lovely framed piece. 




1910 1920

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