Aesthetic Era Gilt Floral - Mounted Antique Wallpaper Panel-Sold

Item ID: WH-1035-238P
Style: Aesthetic/romanesque
Date: 1880s
Theme: Floral
Color: Blue, Metallic
Type: Panel mounted, Sidewall
Mnfr: Unknown, Unknown
Dimensions: 5.88" w x 5.88" h x 0.5" d (paper: 5.88" w x 5.88" h)

While this piece has been sold, we have more of this fabulous paper and can make another piece of wallpaper art, either using this sort of panel treatment or we can arrange for a custom frame based on your requirements.  Please inquire.

See the Original Wallpaper Remnant that this Ready-to-Hang artwork is based on.

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