Antique Gilt Climbing Rose Vine - Framed Antique Wallpaper Art-Sold

Item ID: WH-1120-383C
Style: Arts & crafts
Date: 1900s
Theme: Floral, Roses
Color: Brown, Green, Metallic, Pink
Type: Framed, Sidewall
Mnfr: M.H. Birge & Sons, Buffalo, New York
Dimensions: 25"w x 27.75"h x .75" d

Though this gorgeous paper, clearly inspired by English designs, does not appear in any of the Birge Books, the pattern number dates it Birge’s 1904 introductions, which came onto the market in the fall of 1903. Beautifully printed in a hand-block style on a gilt ground with heavy brushed stain over-glazing, the striking pattern would have been lovely on the wall.

We acquired only a single very small roll of this most appealing paper, in somewhat aged condition. This fragment in a custom wood frame is one of just a few pieces we are able to offer.
Birge Pattern No. 3232.

This frame is made from American Walnut with an ebony finish. Gold fillet lines the inner edge of the frame.

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