Blended Green Cloud Frieze - Framed Antique Wallpaper Art

Item ID: WH-1004-352C
Date: 1900s, 1910s
Theme: Views/landscape
Color: Green, Ivory
Type: Framed, Frieze, Sidewall
Mnfr: Standard Wall Paper Co., Sandy Hill, New York
Dimensions: 35.5" w x 27.75" h x 1.5" d (paper: 30" w x 22" h)

An almost Asian-like frieze paper featuring puffy white clouds on a deeply colored blended green background, the unusually long 28-1/4” repeat of this design made the pattern repetition less obvious and kept the motif fresh and interesting on the wall. Cloud friezes were a trend of this period.

We found this paper in a gold and a green colorway, in limited quantities. Heavily damaged when acquired, we were only able to salvage a few clean remnants from each roll.

Traditional gold-finished wood frame treatment with gold fabric mat. Very limited stock available.

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