Exotic Birds/Flowers, Gilt Sun, Harlequin Motif - Antique Wallpaper Remnant

Item ID: WQ-10407
Style: Modernistic/art deco
Date: 1920s
Theme: Birds, Floral, Fruit/foliage
Color: Blue, Green, Metallic, Purple, Red, Yellow
Type: Sidewall
Mnfr: M.H. Birge & Sons, Buffalo, New York
Dimensions: 18.75" repeat x 18" pattern w (19.5" paper w)

Exotic Birds in Stylized Branches with Trailing Flower Clusters and Gilt Sun on Harlequin Background and Pebble-Embossed Paper

Found in the 1925/1926 Birge catalog in another colorway, the description reads: "A semi-Chinese overprint of birds and flowers is combined with a diamond background. The result is extremely interesting and effective."

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