Gilt Square Aesthetic Tile - Antique Wallpaper Remnant

Item ID: WQ-10628
Style: Aesthetic/romanesque
Date: 1880s
Theme: Fruit/foliage
Color: Black, Green, Metallic, Orange
Type: Sidewall
Mnfr: Unknown, possibly English
Dimensions: 6.75" Repeat X 18.75" Pattern W (19.5" Paper W)

Fabulous Pomegranate themed tile that could date to the late 1870s.  A beautiful subdued palette on a striking black ground with gold metallic accents.  While the manufacturer of this paper is not known, it is consistent with English examples of the late 1870s and early 1880s - the Pomegranate was a common English motif of the time, and the 18-3/4" pattern width is atypical for American papers.

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