Salon-Style Custom Artwork Installation

Clients who attended our Gallery Opening were inspired to come up with a plan for decorating the entry hall in their recently purchased condo in Portland's South Waterfront.  While the condo and its furnishings are modern and our Ready-to-Hang inventory and pattern portfolios are made up of antique wallpapers, the designs are often timeless and framing can have a lot of influence on how a paper is perceived.   The clients had strong opinions about what appealed to them, and we brought a selection of papers to the condo and created a seven-piece, salon-style array of complementary, mostly Moorish designs, anchored by a fabulous M.H. Birge "leather" ornament paper. 

Various choices were made regarding framing and mounting - the Birge paper has a wonderful, custom welded steel frame that pays homage to an industrial window sash (the clients happen to make their living selling custom windows and doors.)  Two of the other larger papers have the same simple gold frame in which the paper appears to float.  The remaining four papers were flush mounted on wood panels.  

The results are truly stunning and delight the clients and their visitors.

Here are links to additional information about each of the papers:

M.H. Birge "leather"

Spirograph "indian"

Moorish Geometric

Moorish Arabesque

Moorish Piscine

Moorish Interlocking Stars

Moorish Blue and Pink Star: This is the last remnant of this paper in our collection