Large-Scale Grid with Foliate Circles - Antique Wallpaper Remnant

Item ID: WQ-10257
Style: Aesthetic/romanesque, Eastlake/gothic
Date: 1890s
Theme: Fruit/foliage
Color: Metallic
Type: Sidewall
Mnfr: Unknown, Unknown
Dimensions: 20.88" repeat x 20.88" pattern w (22.25" paper w)

Large-Scale Grid of Elaborate Tone-on-Tone Circular Foliate Elements on Tan Ground

This is a hard pattern to date and classify, with a mix of elements that are not easily categorized. Intaglio printed in oil-based inks, it appears similar to a sanitary varnished paper, but without the varnish. It is also an unusual width, leading us to believe it may be English (or otherwise foreign) in origin, possibly dating from the late 1880s to the turn of the century.

The soft neutral tone-on-tone coloring and graphically striking pattern make a quiet yet strong visual impression.  We have less than half a dozen remnant repeats of this remarkable paper left.  We think they would make a cool large presentation as a set of four pieces in a large square, allowing the overall connecting pattern to be revealed.

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