Lincrusta Tooled Leather Fragment - Mounted Antique Lincrusta Panel - Sold

Item ID: WH-1071-269P
Style: Leather/embossed, Renaissance classical
Date: 1890s
Theme: Floral
Color: Green, Metallic
Type: Panel mounted, Sidewall
Mnfr: Lincrusta-Walton, London, England
Dimensions: 8.75" w x 6.75" h x 0.75" d (paper: 8" w x 6" h)

Lincrusta was first introduced in England in 1877, later being manufactured in the United States in 1883. Dense, durable and able to take a wide variety of finishes, Lincrusta rapidly gained popularity in higher-end homes where its deep texture and artistic design possibilites were appreciated.

Our small fragment comes from several original rolls we acquired in England, and features a snippet of a tooled leather design highlighted with factory-applied blue paint. Mounted on beveled ¾” bamboo plywood panel.

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