3 Band 6-1/8" Repeating Semi-Arches Border - Antique Wallpaper Rolls

Item ID: WR-10210
Style: Aesthetic/romanesque
Date: 1880s
Color: Green, Metallic, Orange
Type: 3 band border, Border
Mnfr: Robert Graves Company, New York, New York
Dimensions: 12.56" repeat x 18.38" pattern w (19.31" paper w) - 6.13" border w

3-Band Repeating Semi-Arches Pattern in Green/Olive/Salmon with Copper Metallic Accents

# Rolls: 2; 1@ 22' long, 1@ 25' (141' of border total)

Condition: Good, some tears on selvage an into the pattern in a few places. A few creases.

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