“The Rhine Castles” Frieze on Gold

Item ID: WH-1059-382C
Date: 1900s
Theme: Views/landscape
Color: Green, Metallic, Orange
Type: Framed, Frieze
Mnfr: M.H. Birge & Sons, Buffalo, New York
Dimensions: 40.63" w x 28.13" h x 0.75" d (paper: 31" w x 20" h)

One of the finest pieces we've presented to date, this frieze section is part of a larger three-part series called "Castles on the Rhine" and is extremely rare. Introduced in the 1904 Birge Book, the pictorial frieze was uniquely designed in three parts which could be cut and combined in different sequences on the wall.

This example of the small castle element was printed in an impasto-like technique on a gold metallic ground, then richly over-glazed with a stain or varnish to create an aged, hand-made appearance. A single partial roll of this paper was found in a church rummage sale, in excellent condition. A damaged sample of the coordinating large castle element in an olive colorway on a blended ground is held in the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

Presented in a hand-made walnut frame custom built just for this paper. Inquire for additional stock and other mounting or framing options.
Birge Pattern No. 637.

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