Peacock and Brambles on Grasscloth Paper - Antique Wallpaper Remnant - Sold

Item ID: WQ-10135
Style: Arts & crafts
Date: 1900s, 1910s
Theme: Birds, Finest & rarest
Color: Blue, Brown, Green, Pink, Purple
Type: Frieze
Mnfr: Unknown
Dimensions: 59.25" repeat x 38" pattern w (39" paper w)

The Peacock Frieze is an English pattern that was originally designed by W. Dennington and produced by Shand Kydd around 1900. It was famously installed in Blackwell, known as the Arts & Crafts House, by M. H. Baillie Scott, where it still hangs today.

 Our version, which is 39” high and 60” wide, is one half of a two-part adaptation produced c1910-1914 as an intaglio-printed extended design on a unique grass-cloth-textured paper featuring a full version of the peacock without the truncated tail (as shown) and a second panel featuring only the brambles, allowing a less repetitive layout placing the peacocks only in desired locations. We are not sure where this version of the pattern was produced (there were numerous “inspired by” variations) but do have documentation of it in a 1914 catalog of similar striking murals and pictorial papers. Based on the unusual textured paper, we suspect it was printed outside the US. 

Our remnant was acquired from the descendent of a Seattle paperhanger working in the early 20th century and is likely a remnant left over from a larger job. It is not in mint condition, with some roughness along the top and bottom edges and a couple of minor edge tears, but the overall piece is in excellent condition with bright colors, and the unevenness of the selvage simply adds to the character. It would be a stunning framed piece.

We do offer this paper as a full two-part reproduction including the bird-less extension panel, and have produced some gorgeous digital prints on aluminum panels for indoor/outdoor use that shimmer in the light as the metal grain shows through the transparent inks.

We have several of these panels and recently sold the one in the best condition.  If you are interested in possibly acquiring one of our other panels, please contact us and we can provide close-ups of the condition and pricing information.  Our best panel was priced at $1890. 


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