Blended Rose Garland Frieze Fragment-Custom Mounted Antique Wallpaper Art - Sold

Item ID: WH-1113-178C
Date: 1900s, 1910s
Theme: Floral, Roses
Color: Green, Ivory, Pink
Type: Custom mounted, Frieze
Mnfr: Robert Graves Company, New York, New York
Dimensions: 19.25" w x 19.38" h x 1.25" d (paper: 19.25" w x 19.38" h)

A personal favorite for its striking colorway and clean execution, this is the only piece of this luminous blended rose garland pattern that we have available. With its careful mounting and custom-made panel treatment, we have emphasized the almost Japanese-like quality of the fragment with its simplicity, asymmetry and almost poetic selvage markings, making it a completely unique and special piece. Pattern No. 4413 V.


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