“Childs Romance” Nursery Rhyme Figures - Framed Antique Wallpaper Art

Item ID: WH-1119-409C
Style: Arts & crafts, Juvenile/novelty
Date: 1900s, 1910s
Color: Blue, Ivory, Red
Mnfr: Janeway & Carpender, New Brunswick, New Jersey
Dimensions: 24.25"w x 24.25" h x 1"d

A charming juvenile novelty paper featuring pre-perforated cut-out nursery rhyme figures, including Little Boy Blue, Little Bopeep, and The Queen of Hearts (of baked tarts fame).

Jacob J. Janeway received patent no. 839,767 on December 25, 1906, for a technique to produce pre-cut friezes and figures, utilized in this paper. Cut-out figures have been stabilized and condition is very fragile.

We have more repeats of this very unique paper available framed or unmounted.
Pattern No. 3172.

The wood frame has a foil finish and has UV-filtering, glare-free museum glass. 

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