Antique Birge Wallpaper Installation

A stunning installation of original Birge leather paper in a historic Portland, Oregon dining room.

When reviewing the various papers available for the project, the clients immediately fell in love with this striking pattern, which combines sophisticated and refined Adam motifs with a richly somber palette of dark blue and antique gold metallic embossing.  Built in 1910 and designed by Joseph Jacobberger, the substantial home is a typically eclectic mix of high-end European and Craftsman influences, and this wonderful paper is right at home with the remarkable mahogany woodwork and art glass cabinetry.

Dining rooms with paneled lower walls and/or high plate rails make ideal settings for our original papers (or our custom reproductions of them) - the overall wall area is fairly small compared to a regular room, and all the beauty of the paper is right up at eye level to be seen and enjoyed.

When the job was finished, we didn't have even a single full repeat of leftover scrap paper - it literally took every complete piece of material that we had.  This room is now truly one-of-a-kind.

M.H. Birge & Sons, No. 9062, pattern introduced in 1917 for the 1918 season. View other Special Rolls & Borders.

(Scott Tice Photography)