"Spirographic" Filigree Circles with Flitter

An astounding paper that looks as much like it could have been produced around 1960 as around 1890, this hypnotic design was likely a sidewall or ceiling paper in a coordinated suite that drew its inspiration from the exotic allure of Turkey or India. Topping off the mesmerizing Spirograph-like motif, this paper features a liberal application of heavy gold glitter flakes known as "flitter" which would have sparkled in the gaslight of the Orientalist interior it was made for.

Our panel-mounted remnant, paired with an equally rare and unusual late-1880s M.H. Birge & Sons paper of the same period, is shown here in a sleeping niche inspired by a culture even farther east - Japan. The hand-crafted wood construction and earth-toned plaster walls make a perfect setting for this pair of unique 125-year-old survivors.

The Robert Graves Co., c.1888-1894. View Ready-to-Hang item.